Simplified Process for Sellers

  1. Free Estimate and Market Analysis: Our experienced team begins by carrying out an accurate estimate of the value of your property, taking into account local market trends and the specific characteristics of your property.
  2. Professional Marketing Strategy: Once the estimate is complete, we develop a tailor-made marketing strategy for your property. This includes preparing high-quality promotional materials, distributing on the most relevant real estate platforms and implementing targeted marketing tactics to attract potential buyers.
  3. Complete Transaction Management: We handle all administrative and legal aspects of the transaction, from drafting contracts to coordinating inspections, ensuring that the process runs smoothly for you, the seller.
  4. Support Until Sale Closing: Our team stays with you every step of the way until the sale closes, offering ongoing support and professional advice to ensure a stress-free experience.

Advantages of the Fixed Price Model:

At Girault Properties, we operate on a fixed price model where all costs are the responsibility of the buyer. This means that you, as a seller, do not pay any fees for our services. Instead, the fees are borne entirely by the buyer during the transaction.

  • Financial Transparency: You know from the start that you will not incur any costs for the sale of your property, which gives you complete transparency on the associated costs.
  • Savings Potential: By choosing a fixed price model, you can potentially save money compared to traditional pricing models, where fees can be higher and less predictable.
  • Motivation to Succeed in the Sale: Our team is motivated to obtain the best results for you, because our remuneration is linked to the success of the transaction. This means we work hard to sell your property as quickly as possible and for the best possible price.

Positive Social Impact:

Additionally, a portion of our fees is donated to charity, allowing you to contribute to important social causes while completing your real estate transaction.
When you choose Girault Properties, you choose a trusted partner to support you in the sale of your property, without any costs incurred by you.

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